'Go Fast' Flexeon

Master of the joint supplements

A comprehensive nutritional supplement providing all the key building blocks to support joint function

The joints of an athlete are stressed more than any other part of the body and expert management is needed to ensure maximum performance without risk of injury.

This one stop solution contains a combination of essential joint building blocks, anti-oxidant vitamins and key metals to optimise the efficient homeostasis and maintenance of healthy joints.

Flexeon contains the highest quality ingredients, including a patented source of green lipped mussel extract, the highest purity of MSM (PurforMSM) and the longer lasting form of vitamin C (Ester-C).


Chondroitin sulphate

Green lipped mussel extract

MSM (as PurforMSM)

Vitamin E

Vitamin C (as Ester-C)


Essential metals (Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Zinc)

Tendon and cartilage support for better joint health

Sound mobility and joint support

Consistent long-term performance

Encourages joint function and recovery

Prolonged exercise tolerance

Green lipped mussel extract to assist in reduction of pain, swelling and inflammation associated with connective tissue problems


Per 1000 g

Per 50 g

Glucosamine sulphate

100,000 mg

5,000 mg

Green lipped mussel extract

70,000 mg

3,500 mg


50,000 mg

2,500 mg

Chondroitin sulphate

33,400 mg

1,670 mg


30,000 mg

1,500 mg


10,000 mg

500 mg

Vitamin E

700 mg

35 mg


400 mg

20 mg


400 mg

20 mg


250 mg

12.5 mg


120 mg

6 mg


120 mg

6 mg

Available in 500g, 1.5 kg and 3 kg

Adult horses in training and competition: 50 g daily

Ponies: 25-50 g daily

Mix with normal feed ration or drench.

An initial loading feed  of twice the daily amount is required for the first week. 

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