Seaweed Supreme

100% Pure Organic Seaweed

Organic complementary feed material containing 100% Ascophyllum nodosum from the pure North Atlantic waters of the Hebrides.  Provides a rich source of essential minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids.

Dried gently in the local Hebrides in a purpose built sustainable biomass facility to ensure freshness and quality. Seaweed Supreme provides a rich source of iron, boron, potassium, sodium, zinc, iodine, manganese, vitamins and fatty acids.

100% dried Ascophyllum nodosum

100% natural ingredients

Concentrated trace elements to benefit all animals

Contributes to providing a balanced diet for training and competition

Palatable and bioavailable to optimise utilisation

Supports healthy coat

Free of heavy metals

Adult stock: 50g daily

Young stock: 25g daily

Not recommended for pregnant mares

Available in 4kg and 10kg

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