'Go Fast' Power

An ideal pre-race supplement with a difference

A complementary feed supplement to support muscular function during periods of intense activity.

Branch chained amino acids (BCAA): a mix of three essential amino acids necessary for protein synthesis.

Myo-Inositol plays  roles in neurotransmission, lipid metabolism and cellular calcium balance.

Mixed oligosaccharide provides longer release of absorbable and accessible energy

Vitamin C (as Ester-C) for anti-oxidant activity

Optimised muscle function under stress

Promotes stamina and reduced fatigue resulting in endurance performance

Reinforcement of the energy store

Anti-oxidant support

Rapid post-race recovery


Per 1000 g

Per 50 g


50,000 mg

2,500 mg


25,000 mg

1,250 mg

Available in 100 g

Feed animals in racing or training: 100g daily

Fill container with 100 ml clean water, shake and drench or mix with feed

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