'Go Fast' E plus C Mg

An ideal racing and training supplement

An all-in-one training and racing supplement providing longer lasting anti-oxidant activity and essential amino acids with the addition of magnesium to assist neuromuscular function.

This nutritional comprehensive anti-oxidant feed supplement aids the maintenance of healthy muscle tissue and helps recovery from strenuous exercise.

The inclusion of magnesium provides additional neuromuscular support. Magnesium plays an important role in both nerve and muscle function, and deficiencies can result in signs of nervousness, wariness, excitability and muscle tremors. Provision of magnesium has a reputation for having a calming influence without affecting performance.

Vitamin E in a highly bioavailable form

Vitamin C as the longer lasting Ester-C


Methionine and lysine: the most important essential limiting amino acids


Aids maintenance and building of healthy muscle tissue

Assists recovery from strenuous exercise

Neuromuscular support to further reduce the possibility of tying up

Improved endurance performance and exercise tolerance

Supports fertility in brood mares and stallions

Longer lasting vitamin C activity due to patented Ester-C

Provides a calming influence

Assists in reducing the risk of laminitis

Essential amino acids methionine and lysine for optimal protein building and improved liver functions


Per 1000 g

Per 50 g

Vitamin E

60,000 IU

3,000 IU


55,000 mg

2,750 mg


50,000 mg

2,500 mg


32,000 mg

1,600 mg


20,000 mg

1,000 mg


20 mg

1 mg

Available in 1.5 kg and 4kg

Adult horses in training and competition: 50g daily

Breeding stock: 50g daily

Ponies and foals: 25-50g daily

Do not feed with other selenium sources as this may lead to overdose which may be harmful.

Apply as a top dressing or as a drench

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