E for Life

E for Life is a nutritional comprehensive anti-oxidant feed supplement that provides support for optimal performance. 

This nutritional antioxidant feed supplement is a cost-effective product to aid maintenance of healthy muscle tissue and help recovery from strenuous exercise.

Suitable for both racing and training.

Vitamin E in a highly bioavailable form


Highly bioavailable Vitamin E, the ‘Number 1’ antioxidant

Supports healthy muscle development and function

Essential for rapid recovery after exercise

Benefits fertility in broodmares and stallions

Facilitates improved immunity from foal to veteran

Apple flavouring to enhance palatability


Per 1000 g

Per 50 g

Vitamin E

60,000 IU

3,000 IU


20 mg

1 mg

Horses in training and competition: 50g daily

Breeding stock: 50g daily

Ponies and foals: 25-50g daily

Do not feed with other selenium sources as this may lead to overdose which may be harmful.

Apply as a top dressing or as a drench

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